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Drug Abuse awareness and advocacy

Drug abuse and advocacy campaigns are carried out to educate the public and curb further deterioration of drug abuse in society Seek Professional help

Group Counseling

We offer safe spaces and organize group counseling for recovering addicts to support their recovery process Contact counselor now

Anti- Drug abuse school programs

We initiated the Kick against Against Drug abuse (KADA) school program to educate children and teenager on the dangers of drug abuse through school clubs. Contact US  for more equiries or to enroll your school.

Mental health Intervention

Intervention and counseling for addicts who are willing to quit drug abuse and restore their lives Contact US

Take a stand against dug abuse!

Drug Abuse

Drug abuse among the youth has become an epidemic of massive proportion. The problem affects both males and females, including young women in their marital homes. Drug abuse has therefore caused increased social discontents in many in communities such as societal crimes and unrest, armed robbery, small time stealing, sexual abuse, school cultism and so on.

Drug abuse statistics

1 %
Youth additction

percentage of youth addicted to drugs

1 %
in counseling

percentage in counseling

1 %
addicts crime rate

crime and abuse rate among drug addicts

Real lives affected

About us

we aim to facilitate community reorientation and sensitization programs on drug education, sale and abuse of illicit drugs

Our mission

To eradicate drug abuse and aleviate extreme poverty by reducing level of unemployment through special economic schemes.

Some of our schemes

  • Drug abuse counselling support
  • Emopwerment / skill aquisition programs
  • kick against drug abuse(KADA) school programs